What's in my Freelance Kit and Tips How to Start a Makeup Career

Hey guys i havent blog in a while but heres a quick video showing you stuff that are very important for your freelance makeup kit and where you can get them.

Here are the list of the products showed in this video:

Foundation Palette
Concealer Palette
Temptu Foundation 12 Pcs Set
Blush Palette 
Ben Nye Setting Powder
Cake Eyeliner
Brow Palette
Beauty Blender 
Beauty  Blender Travel Kit 
Beauty Blender Double Duo
Beauty Blender Cheaper Alternative
Mixing Palette and Spatula
Cheaper Alternative Mixing Palette
Affordable Eyeshadow Refill
Affordable Blush Refill
Affordable Pro Brush Set
Brush Set Starter Kit

For more Questions please let me know down below..


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Camera i used : Canon EOS T4i
Movie Editor: iMovie11


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