BEWARE!! The Makeup Brush Set

Hello there! You're probably wondering why you are here, well i promise i won't waste your time. Below are facts/things you need to consider before purchasing from the company The Makeup Brush Set.

BUT Before that FTC ( yes! right away )
I received a free makeup brush set from the company in exchange for a dedicated video talking about the product. NO they are not paying me to write or control my thoughts about the product. All collaborations/Product review i've done in my channel has been pretty transparent, meaning YOU as my viewers/readers will know if there is something wrong with the product. I don't hold back, i don't sugar coat. It's my channel's policy. Been that way for so long and no i am not going to change ( so no sponsor videos/deals for me) Without being said. Let me go back to the company. 

Hmm let's see where do i begin... The "PR" person of the company contacted me around Sept 7 2016.
A few weeks later (Oct 14,2016) I sent them a very worried email (mind the date and time) 
and I shared the funny timing with my friends on FB and boy! I opened a can of worm... 

So after learning about my fellow beauty blogger/vlogger's experience with the company (seriously a whole lot more but this will do), I made my own research about them (call me inspector airah *wink*) 

Let's start with BBB (Better Business Bureaus) 

Really the company is in Newyork? I'm from New York and it took mine more than 30 days to receive the brushes what more for people far far away from new york. ( Laaaawdd geeezus) 

69 Complaints! Yikes! As I was also researching about this company I come across this other website called I thought the pricing and the product wording are way too similar to the ones on the makeup brush set website. Sure enough, both of the websites are from the same company. How did I know well, both company has the exact head office address. 

Ok, so how is this relevant to the topic? Well glad you asked! The oval brush set the website as of Nov 6, 2016, has 700+ reviews, according to them, it's their "legit"customer. OK, well when I was doing my research about this company the 4.5 stars and 5 stars reviews are looking  fishy. Name are generic white people name, no pictures but the reviews are broken English. So I went to a couple of 2 and 1 stars review and I am 100% sure that the reviews are legit people. How did I know? Well, they are pretty upset about not receiving the products and or the products came months after the purchase. Unlucky for me I didn't have a chance to screen cap  (it was on my phone)  the legit reviews because the website pretty much deleted all of those. So if you go to both my makeup brush set and oval brush set's website. There are only 4.5 and 5 stars reviews on there. 

Another thing that is also eyebrow-raising is this part of the company. 

So that explain the good reviews? Thy offer free brush sets if someone posts a POSITIVE review about the brushes? hmmm, I mean that's pretty shady, right? So I also went ahead and find other negative reviews about the company from different blog website and here's what I found: 

From the beautylish website: 

Ok, if that did not make you think twice then here's more reason to reconsider buying from them. They are extremely not clear about the refund. Screen capped from their website. 

2 to 4 weeks shipping time max? Say what? On their website it clearly says 3-4 days! Hmmm?!

So if 30 days passed, you can't return the items? No refunds? But what if the items took 30 long days for the products to get to you from the time you purchased it? Like some people experienced from this company does that mean that your "30-day money back guarantee"is void? 

So between the shipping time, poor customer service, unclear return policy what else? Hmmm oh, a very unprofessional behavior towards my fellow beauty blogger/vlogger and OH deleting complaints, negative comment on Instagram., YUP! 

Now listen, if you really wanna test out this makeup brushes and or curious then go ahead and buy them from amazon and eBay. YOU will find the same exact one for half the price PLUS you are protected as a buyer. 

PS. I have nothing to gain from this blog review but it is my duty as a beauty influencer to save my fellow human being not to get their hard-earned money go to waste. 

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I'm Filipino (born and raised in the PHILIPPINES)
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I'm 29 

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